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We are planning some overnight stays in a boat over summer and our son will be about 5-6 months old. What would be the safest way to sleep him? There is a kids bunk that is netted in but we think he will be too little for this. We have looked into cosleeper sleep positioners to place in our bunk but not sure how safe these are and most seem to be only suitable for younger newborn babies in terms of size. We don't think there would be enough room for our portacot on board. Appreciate any advice.

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Posted a response on 3/12/18

Red Nose

HI Sarah,

Red Nose recommends that the safest place to sleep baby is in a cot or portacot that meets Australian standards.

It would be ideal if the portacot could be used on the boat.

You are correct, that (like bassinets) co-sleepers are not suitable beyond about 5 months of age (or less) or when a baby looks like rolling.

When considering whether or not to use a bed (or mattress on the floor) for a baby to sleep on, keep in mind the following safety issues:

Ensure there is no risk for falls or entrapment
Ensure there is nothing baby can become entangled in.
Ensure baby can’t √ęscape” the room”

We are unaware of any other option than a portacot for appropriate use while away from home.

Do you have friends who have taken babies of this age on the water and if so, what have they used?

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