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My newborn is 7 days old and already I’ve noticed times when he has rolled on to his side when sleeping. We are currently swaddling him not with his arms up instead of down to his sides. Should I start investing in safe sleeping bags, and if so should I look at ones where his arms are free?

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Posted a response on 3/12/18

Red Nose

Hi Bek,

Red Nose always recommends that baby is placed on back to sleep.

Is your baby preferring one side over the other or just wriggling to one side? Some babies do prefer one side over the other, however should always be placed on the back for sleep. It may be helpful to change the position of baby in the cot/bassinet or else turn cot/bassinet around so he is facing the opposite side. Sometimes this is helpful. Tummy time when baby is awake is always beneficial for helping to build upper body strength.

Some babies do wriggle and squirm a lot and manage to get to their side. Often these are the babies that do not respond well to wrapping and need to be wrapped with arms out (similar to a baby at 3 months of age) or not wrapped at all.

Also have a look at the information on wrapping on Red Nose web site.

As you have said, a sleeping bag may now be a preferred option.

It may also be helpful to see your Midwife/Nurse or GP and discuss your concerns about baby preferring one side over the other.

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