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My (nearly) 6 month old keeps getting her legs stuck in the gaps of the cot when she’s sleeping at night. I understand that it is safest to not have anything in the cot at all, but the risk of injury from putting their limbs through the gaps in the cot is also a concern. What are the options?

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Posted a response on 3/12/18

Red Nose

Hi Tara,

How often has she got her legs stuck? It is very common for babies, as they are learning to roll, to get their arms/legs through the slats of a cot.

Many parents find that using a sleeping bag helps to reduce the amount of time legs get “stuck”.

Red Nose has the following concern about bumpers if that is what you are thinking of using.

Older babies in a cot can be at an increased risk of a sleeping accident by using pillows and bumpers as a step to climb up and fall out of the cot.

Parents are generally concerned about the potential for injury from the infant bumping up against the cot or getting an arm or leg wedged between the slats. The (USA) Consumer Product Safety Commission(CPSC) data has shown that infants suffer essentially no long term injuries from contact with the cot slats.

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