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My 7 month old loves sleeping on his side and stomach. I always put him to sleep on his back (and I mean always) but he just rolls over into his sleeping position almost instantly sometimes. I occasionally roll him back onto his back but he just wakes up again. I'm at a loss. Is he safe? During play time he can fully roll at will from back to front and front to back. He sleeps in armless sleeping bags. Thank you.

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Posted a response on 3/12/18

Red Nose

Hi Grace,

Most babies will be rolling by 5-6 months of age and many prefer to sleep on their tummy.

Red Nose has the following information (in part):

As babies grow and develop they become very active and learn to roll around the cot. At this time, continue to put them on the back at the start of sleep time, but let them find their own position of comfort. By this stage it is not necessary to wake during the night to turn baby over to the back position. The risk of sudden infant death in babies over six months is extremely low.

Please see link below for all information about baby rolling:


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