Kaarene Fitzgerald Public Forum

The Kaarene Fitzgerald Public Forum is an annual event at which experts in infant and maternal care speak about current issues in the area of sudden and unexpected death in infancy.

Kaarene Fitzgerald
Kaarene Noelle Fitzgerald AC

The Forum was established in 2004 at the Ritchie Centre, Australia’s leading fetal and neonatal research centre, in honour of the late Kaarene Noelle Fitzgerald AC and the outstanding contribution she made over more than 25 years to research into the causes and prevention of sudden infant death syndrome.

The 2017 Forum will be held in Melbourne on 4 December. Find out more here.

For more information, email caroline.menara@hudson.org.au or call 03 8572 2877.

Visit www.youtube.com/RedNoseAustralia to view videos of the 2015 Forum.