Red Nose Expands Safe Sleeping Education Services for Child Care Centres

Red Nose is expanding its education offering to child care centres nationally to help them meet new regulations that require them to have policies and procedures for safe sleeping of children.

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From 1 October 2017, child care centres must have safe sleeping policies and procedures based on current research and recommended evidence-based principles and guidelines. Red Nose is recognised as the national authority on safe sleeping.

The new Red Nose products and services for child care centres introduced recently include:

1. An updated 2017 Safe Sleeping Child Care Kit that reflects the changes to the National Quality Framework.

2. Safe Sleep and Rest Time Policy Reviews carried out by the Red Nose Education team.

3. Safe Sleep Education sessions, delivered by a Red Nose Educator in person or by online live video, covering topics such as:

  • The need for safe sleeping in childcare settings
  • Defining SIDS, SUDI and fatal sleep accidents
  • Risks associated with tummy and side sleeping
  • The importance of tummy time
  • Creating a safe sleeping environment
  • Appropriate sleepwear
  • Exposure to the risks of smoking and the effect it has on children
  • How can Red Nose support your centre?

Child care centres can already access free safe sleeping information through Red Nose’s mobile apps and a suite of brochures and posters of which over 1.1 million each year are distributed to organisations including child care centres, hospitals and maternal child health centres to be given to parents and expectant parents.

The Red Nose Safe Sleeping Child Care Kit was developed to inform educators, coordinators and staff employed by education and child care services, including long day care and family day care, on Red Nose’s safe sleeping guidelines, policy development, training, and also includes tools to support informing families on safe sleeping. The 2017 Child Care Kit can be ordered online here.

To talk to our Education Team about your training requirements and to make a booking call 1300 998 698 or email