International Bereaved Mother’s Day – Sunday 6 May, Mother’s Day – Sunday 13 May

Mother’s Day is a special day for all mothers around the world. But, for bereaved mothers, the day will take on a new meaning.

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Red Nose understands that Mother’s Day may not bring families the same joy it once did.

This is something Red Nose acknowledges alongside this Sunday’s eighth International Bereaved Mother’s Day. International Bereaved Mother’s Day was created to recognise mums who have experienced the grief and trauma caused by the death of their baby or child.

Red Nose Grief and Loss recognises the bravery of bereaved mothers and acknowledges that death does not end motherhood. Just as death does not end the love or the enduring bonds bereaved mothers have for their child.

Gillian Graham-Crowe is one mum who now perceives mother’s day differently. Her daughter Layla would have turned seven this July.

She recently shared with Red Nose Grief and Loss what Mother’s Day has meant to her since her daughter Layla was stillborn.

Gillian says, “My first Mother’s Day as Layla’s mum was enormously difficult. As with many significant dates, however, I recall feeling Layla’s absence more acutely in the lead-up to the actual day. I had read that bereaved mums often feel a sense of relief when a highly anticipated day finally arrives – and this was certainly the case for me.”

For Layla’s grandmother, Kathy, Mother’s Day has also taken on a new perspective. “This will be my seventh Mother’s Day without Layla. But it will be a day like every other day of the year; Layla will be spoken of and remembered. The day will be spent with her family, with grandchildren all running around vying for our attention, a day of thanks for the love that surrounds us.”

Continue reading Gillian and Kathy’s mother and grandmother perspective on Mother’s Day and loss on the Red Nose Grief and Loss website here.

Red Nose Grief and Loss support services ensure that bereaved mothers and any person affected by the sudden and unexpected death of a baby or child can receive support from experienced counsellors and parents who have been through a similar experience.

Bereavement support services can be accessed at any time by calling 1300 308 307. Support options include counselling, peer support provided by people with lived experience, support groups, support literature, community education, the Treasured Babies’ Program, and social gatherings.

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